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1 |Page 30cubits.ech 30cubits Whitepaper TEU Token Sale. Email nfo30cubits.ech Websit htps/i. 2 |Page 30cubits.ech Contets 1.Excutiv Smary ......................... 3 2.Indsry Pain oits ........................ 4 3.0cubit’ Aswer .........................6 4.Token Mhanim .........................9 .1Distriutio .......................... .2TEU ke Price Discovery for te arth isfled with vilec rug t; bhol, Iwl sry thm with rt. Mk yul n ark fgp w; mk rs it ark, cvr is n u wit pic. Tis oyu artoaeit lengfetreunde cbits”oreG613-15 4 |Page 30cubits.ech of the okns ithe industry wil fedback tohe crypto wrld, like acyle ofvalue crai. Source 30ubits Nt hat e fnctioality nd iustrial benfits ofthe TEU okens does nt depnoliqud, prcemovor pclvlftthmlvs. 30cubits xeti, aptiitrt in mar valu fthetok. Ide,thssfblckhan dobyhesipingidsry wil e rivnprimarily b t otivi efrts fipig dstry pticantstulz th oknolehr suply ciue scaNo Sh Crgo Roig.Terl f30cuit wilbe tointrdc thoken eucate idutypartcants butlkandr ni istm ink heir w dvlopn ad itegrti plastaopt TEUt ithrbsisorkfl. 2. Industry Pain oints I rect years, cotier lirs have bn icuring chronic lse. This led tosom fh lg bankuptci t idsty has ev se. Many oft cntair linrs ufrd los in7 out fe lt 10yar. Rdicl r-sructring shk up te idty i2016 -ms cl s inustry w fei croic vrcai. Hwvr, th rot fhe probles, inour view and mited by any idtry 5 |Page 30cubits.ech excutives, itha te industry iunable to1 excute agremnts its daily opraion; d 2 forca fo tr sins yls ohd he cylil nture f th istry. Te trus ie W know frm first-hand exprince tha sipment agremnts icontaier shipig a o o o. Srvi cotracs -oped wh mkt gi freiht res vit sigifctly fr h otrc frigt rs. Ad ias nd ftn irent ears t feig es ul sin 50-1 with yar ov wih amoh. Suc lose tiudes tord fuling aremnts ha produce acomn pai pint fr h inry -he “o-shw” pobl. Ti sitin wher custoer bks3 aipig slt fr ctaier c ut does p it rg. Shiig caity ilk prisbl g, inh n tha sii slt n used toy is revnu otuniy lost. I r tvoid uc revnu hor fals, cnair lin oft verbk caier pace eir wn sip t like t irl iustry. S dig sy s, ustomrs ith acfirmd bing could be cwe ut an ma not g thir cg o b. Thefor, stmrs oftn sfr fo “cr lin”4 wile ntier linrs u “king hr-al”5. Sbsequtly, avicous cyl iscrad wit bt cstmers ad ctaie lirs vrking. In prsntio given by Profesr Michael Erlich from Ne Jrsey Instiue ofTecholgy earl this a, h tad t t ipat “bking hor-fal” isquatifd s5m TEU yr, wic os nir idustry 23b, iclding t rit rvnu lose fo te ntaier lirs, itoal ivetry st for the csoes, c. Se vid hr. Cant mak forcast oreg ainst he cyliality The ovrcpity blm inth idur ould ve bn avoide rmitgaed ifcti liners hd tr le fti frcst i cupl fcil junrs duig te pas 10yars. T irs jnr m rig 207 whn cotai lirs bi u hibuildng pic o the asution tha sipet grwh ol tay t1 CAGR, sit was i. Hwevr, t i 10pevius nl o 3 per yr vrg. T scd ird junctrs cam in201 d the rid btn 2013 nd 2015 hn otaine lis hed 3 Pleas rd Apendix Ifor detail contaier shipment boking proces 4Roing i iustry m whr us’ culd t n the sailng spr bk. 5Bi shortfal isnoter indstry e tha ref toa sition tha lirs mid od rvnu pruiy. 6 |Page 30cubits.ech to he sipyards uner th mis-coneption tha lrge contaier ship wer th ickt vi it log ter. O dlived, ts lrg i cad aiy glt h l asiv xits a bkrupci m t ontir liners tarin i2016. Othr idustrie tha re cylial nd capitl intesiv, e.g infrastucre and uile, wol so tsurig lo erm cah iflow as hedg. I ft, my siping smn fn l t svi trc to. Whil sip drciat ver 25 t30 years, cnair linr’s evi nrcts ar otly e th yr. Th istch itie hoiz bt fixed nd securd incoe is tucral d fr t cair lir iustry. Exp asitd wi sip nvestmnt, .g dpreiton i amts, are sunk c. Whn cotio isife, th cier lirs tgles orcv those uk st. Figure 2.Contaier Shiping Cycle apcity hronicaly outsriped mand bcascmpscostrudmor s w n.Source 30ubits eimats 3.3cits’ Answer “Etherum isa dectralizd plat tha runs mart contracs –plications a n xtly s poge i y poibliy fdwtime, rhip, frd orti r intrfnc. Tse s r cust buil Blocki, eusly oweful shad lobal infrtuce tha n ov al rund an rpent erip frpy. This nbls delpers tcet mkts, r gistri ofts omie, ov fu icdn wih isrucio ive ln ith a lik awil ra tr contra may oter thing ta h t be invetd yt, l ith midle orcutrpy risk”. Src w.rum.org. -15-10-5051015209249567980120345067809112314516Demand Growth RHSEf Suply Lirs OPMargi L 7 |Page 30cubits.ech We wil sue ERC20 compliant TEU tokens ithe Etreum network and promte thm ath d fat rytcurecy fr t coain shipig iusty. W bliv TU kens wht idusry d tor shipe grents gt hord, s cro wim fr re cuat forcast nd potialy ed ait e instry’ cliality. Use th TEU tokns bokig dposit nlik e xig ervic ntrac inhe contaier shiping idustry, he smart cotracs gvri th rsis ft TEU k are co wi at ofimubl ondis. Oce omid, itr ty ltr t s bn gred. Bth e ctainr lirs an their cusomes wil b given lule TEU tokns a wil b l sdpit wi nit, and pi out lar po th xcuti oft sipmet bokig. T cair lirs il cmsad wit the TEU ken ifth cusrs not ur p ith cge. Likewi, te csmrs il b onated ih e TEU okens iftir cagos r ol. T at cotracs t govr t payt f s iply xcut acording he d cis bd n h actul otcme, i. her ashipet bking isfulied rnt. So regrles fwher hr istr ont, t crac mcai ofth k wil ctivz cntpati r heir oitts. A hst faplictions tmake th usage ofTEU tokens amles We blive th e fucionliy nd vilbily fTE tokn wil atrct acomuniy fIT rsrs wic rf tas th U csyt. This it wil b cpe fites indury partia, pliction devlpers c., toestalish t TEU ok s te fco rytourey fr the contai hiping idury. cym wil nlude Sm Ctac Builr Modul, Bki Module, aret Pla Modl a Psitv rdi Agny dle.  Th Smart Contrac Builder oule isa web-ased Dap decntralized aplici h lows cpatin orpon ithout y io blckhain or srt trc ing kldg tilr smr cract usig t TEU tken acoding the cmercil ers fea ipen in.  Th Bki Mul isa wb and obil sd D lat, uch like t existng o-line srvice ofthe ctier linr but wil be n greator wbie tha clt l suls, qtais a shipt sts f cotir lirs h u t TEU toks. Th modl il co n idustry king egtor, mch like Bing.co fr vctin travelrs, fr ctair sipin. Cstors ca l up seuls d quti, eithr bsd o xit arent wlk-i rqt, cho bok 8 |Page 30cubits.ech quoted rutes. Cntrpatis wil s TEU tokens ithis module. Sart contracs governig the toke cion il be asd e actl tco, suh bki cfirmti, rg cipt crgo ling, ide wter shipmt bing has filed o. Folwi isn xample fhw te smart contrac my deci hetr ashipmet bokig fild, u oih “bkig short-fal” or“argo ling”. I the exal, h t sir an t ctier li v c pvid 5TEU tokns tir epctive bkig deposi. Table 1.Shipmnt boking’s TEU tn rward scenarios Si ABokg hrt-FalScenario BCrg Rlg Scenario Ckg fulidProces hck points Big firmed boking nuber iv Yes Yes Yes Caro ci carg ceipt r gn No s s r lade obrd loaing confimti /A No Yes Oute TEU kns reciv Shipr 0 10 5 Contaie Lir 1 Note T rrksY,Noand /A ref tohe prcs heckpoints  h Maret Plce Mul isa wb and mbil ased Dap lat tha provids markt place for the usr tor th TEU tokens gins Eer ETH wl shir nim kigs uin . Uexpctd inciets y til v it he bkig dpsit. Shis oul is apor al ile facory uld is i prodcti scheul d tnfrebl vts. Th Mrkt Place Mole wul alw ur torcver i ptily l kn oc nfirm shint bking isa with or usr. This facilty wil be tu pr-tpr d rt-prf trding vinmet wer mr cracs ovide af sue ay ofselmet a clrig ous inth onvtinl rkt.  The Psitve Crdit Agecy Module wil be ab-ased rsarch datbse Dap, conai al h past rnsaction rcr to inte smr contracs wi r publicy uitbl. Thi rhl isry is fur ft blckhi. Te modle wil utmticly ditnguih t o crdi wrthy ustomrs f th lsr ons. Morevr, e cstomers baing t TEU 9 |Page 30cubits.ech tokens aboking deposit wil most likely honr aboking –a sinlig fct, imlr th fac h r cdit wty cmpie r ualy more wilg ivi crit nies tisu apbli vill cdit sent. More dtails ofur TEU cosytm wil be st o inthe TEU cosyt sctio. Opn-surced nsltig servics for usr h wis tormain depnet Cotai lir a hi ute cld alo ue TEU toks ithir xisng IT ifrsct, i.e idpn f30bits’ TEU csye. W wil mak our suce od, bluprit c., avilbl tohe cnir linr h inted tevlp thir wn lckhain bse ystems us t T toks. , col pvie rogmig nd clig rvices elp dvlop ths linrs’ rietary sts tha ts yts cold b lin with Eerum tomniz h TEU kens. TEU toke trading may provide mor eliabl foresight Onc h TEU okes t skin dpi, ey ar tken asmpsti fr tnil frigh pyt ls. TEU tokens along-term pledg for new ship nvestmnt Frc id, cai linrs culd k log r coitments ithe fT ts fr usto f thir vstt iw vesl. Acoain li could make n gret -cain ih acur n th irtl vlu an tiui vlm wi te cstomer old ci ith vryig lels ofcfic. Th arated gri f citmets could poi abi for pital otin cison ith rspct ainal piy an rwl caiy. Tse r ul b ien io srt cotrc, whic l then tulized thrug TEU tkes agrd with e ues. Over tim, pldg okns wol adly rrn tocustmrs c lik an oizaion scul. Ifa ctmr pvies fic bkin ap t grt vr the lifan o ship, al leg tokn wuld e rtred ohe custoer. 4. Token Mechaism .1 Distributio The tokns ld ring the Tokn Sale r know asTEU twenty-fot equivalent uni . ATEU isa dr uit of shipig conair. The EU token isRC20 compliant. Te EU toke Ttl Suply islmited an fixed at 10,,0, whi ensur h log-trm valu fhe okn. Th oks r crd uri xcti f TEU sa cntc, r tasfrabl, t 10 |Page 30cubits.ech minted agin but can be urned whn 30cubits dems necsary. Forty prct 40 ofth TEU toks il e sol th public dring difernt Tanhes ofTken Sal. e prced frm Tkn Sale wil e s pimaily odvl t EU csytm an ta th EU ts marktl ith cotir sipig idur. A percntae ofthe TEU tokens wil be givn out fr e toa selctd group fotir lirs and ir cumr, oplyes h ipin isty rm th u fT ts ahit bkig dsit, fr enric se as te d fco isry cpocrency. Six rcnt 6 ofe oks wil b rrv r te fndig te wit dispoal esri “lc-up” fr 2yars sting 16Augst 2017. Table 2.Token Distribtion PrInital Sale “Pr-ÏTS” 2,0, TEU 2.0 Iil l ÏT” 18,, 18. Secod Tken l ,, . Martig Dvlopment 54,0, TEU 54.0 Funi a 6,, 6. 4.2TEU oken Price Discovery Suply The numbr fTE toks tb givn ot he industry ser wil be asd on t arket value fhe n discerd afr t Tok Sal icomplt, wel s i ding ctivis ryptucy xags. h pri fh TEU tk exprs irypo xcags wil stblish te cltel vlue ac indusry us’ toke alctin, d therby nale io ni condits togarn nfirme cr sipmts. T ailty fth sipig iry tilz th TEU toks itir uly chi frs de nt e the pic levl orliquidy fh okens theslve, but r o ir abilty oartion and gtiae t ficly to ighst pity shipmns m by countrpatis. We wil als tke it cosideration glbal contaier shiping capity when dcing ho many TEU tks huld e liv i market. Tod global, toal otir sipig cpaiy ibt 20m TEUs 5,129 cier si. Aul caie iet volue ons oabut 190n TEUs uc Clrksn. I thr words, vry cnir shipig lt rns over abot 10is p yea. Forty pecnt 40 ia dig te ulic sl us 4mn TEU tos. We stima ht e mrket ay nd TEU tokes tcvr ut 12 r3 k quivln ofshipt volm, if n ae sd for evry singl shipnt bkig. 1 |Page 30cubits.ech 4.3Operating Cost f TEU okens The us ofTEU tkes inearly fe xcpt for the gas pyment iETH for miners7 in t twr ho u th intgriy ublic dr. 30cubits il perat n fes eratd from the s ofTEU cosyte, naely the Smar Contc Buildr Modul, Bking Mdul, arket Pla Mdul d Positv edi Agy l. Excpt fr t Psitv Cdi Agncy ol, l duls t b eplo tee sa corc tifrt ses fthe bking cyl, urin whic som TU tkns wil auomaicly b xcangd ito ETH tov t ga f. 4.Usage f the TEU okens In gerl, ik ETH, t ts ar fely transferabl on Etherum orany oth us interfac, from ne u’ wl oh’ sd st cract govig th asctions. The EU tkens wil also be listd al the cryptocurency xhanges. Th primary puro flitng TEU okens xangs wil b to-fld 1.Cret aric sourc by whic sipi idustry particants c value thi okns fr pse ofsuring cofirme cgo shime cltrl. 2.Enable shiig industry particats buy and sl tkns acording tothir cotaier bokig comien ctiv. For exaple, upls fks liv ti tivy rslt it sl ftke by the indutry r. The taile mchanis for use ofthe TEU tokens a long-term pledg for new sip nvst itil b mlad. ug fTEU ks abki doit r ou ie flwing scti. The sipment bking procs ith TEU tokens W uig TEU toes adeis fr ipmt boking, shipers and cotainer linrs wil hav ar, itir v